About Us
How did I get into this Yorkie Fantasy...
I have the most wonderful group of Yorkie Friends on a chat group! One day we were looking for ideas for a fund raiser. I remembered a little hat I had bought years ago at a garage sale for my little adorable female yorkie Bandit. I got it out and figured out how to make one similar. It was a big hit and a great seller. I got so much encouragement from the YorkieFriends that they talked me in to trying my hand at tiny yorkie clothes. I found that I loved dreaming up outfits by special 

request- I had to buy basic patterns and then resize them WAY down to fit a yorkie. There are no patterns out there for tiny dogs! With the help and encouragement of some very special Yorkie Friends ladies, my web site was born. I am no computer tech- I want to thank Tami, and Tami for the great amount of time you have devoted to building this web site, and to all of you Yorkiefriends for your show of support -You all gave me the push to really start this venture. I can't put in words how much I appreciate all you have done. I am like a kid playing Barbie dolls- only they move! As I go along, I have learned how to make many new items- if you don't see particular items, I probably haven't tried to make that item yet- but eventually I will. Send me you requests-I love a challenge. I will even make clothes for other small breeds...ha ha
About my Family    

My husband and I have been married for 34yrs and have two grown children, and two grandchildren, with one on the way. 

We bought our first yorkie  in 1975 and named him Whiskers because his hair was growing out into the cute bushy stage when we got him. We did not know anything about yorkies at the time- just thought they were very cute and smart. 
We did everything wrong with Whiskers-feeding him all the wrong things,  poor grooming, NO obedience training... He lived to a very healthy 16yrs in spite of us.-One day I looked at him and said to myself " I love this little monster to distraction! "  He was my constant shadow and little buddy. 

We found out at 16yrs. that he had cancer- one day he limped and I took him immediately to the vet--but by the time he showed any symptoms-it was already too late, they gave him 4 weeks to live.  

This just took my breath away-the thought of no little buddy to greet us and keep us company made it hard to breathe. We knew we did not want to come home to the void of an empty house....The two pups we would get, did perk him up for a while, but the vets were correct in the time he had left.

We got Patches (a female) shortly, -whom my  husband claimed,.... and  said  "You have to get another yorkie cause this one is mine!" 

April 5 1992- Oct 8 ,2004

Patches, you are a part of our very souls now. You are missed very much, but your memory is with us every minute, you are not gone.
You were in your best glory when you were 'showing off' - and we were so very proud of you.
We loved your feisty, bossy intelligent little mind.
You talked with your eyes, and trained us well to do what ever you wanted.

But Oh... you gave us so much love. The times you wrapped your little body around my head to comfort me. I will never forget the compassion you showed when someone was not feeling well. You were more than human; better than human- a huge presence in a tiny body.
What a beautiful Spokes Model you were for Yorkie Fantasy- We were at a loss and devastated- until you sent Summer. She is doing so well. Guess what.., she is closely related to you.. A surprise to us all.
At times I think you are telling her exactly how to 'handle us'. She is her own person, but she is getting tips from someone... I know you can do anything, so I am not surprised. Thank you for 12 years Patches.
We wish you could have lived forever.
Mom and Dad


Along came Bandit 
We were trying to think of a name for her-she had markings like a mask over her face-The first time I looked at her my heart was hers.

She was dubbed 'DeeWaard's Tiny Heart Bandit'-- Bandit held me capture for her entire life- I could look at her and the look in her eyes was total love , trust, and  happiness. I had to reply " I love you too". This little Baby was my soul mate, we did everything together, but we had only 8 yrs.. I lost her to a collapsing trachea at only 8yrs., in spite of monumental efforts to save her.. My heart is broken and will never entirely heal.
I knew from the moment we got Bandit that she was a very special angel in my life.

She is watching over me even now and is the 'background'  for my web site pages. There will never be another Bandit....I am saying this through my tears.  

Whiskey Bear came along when the 'girls' were 4 yrs. old. A friend had a litter of yorkie pups- I visited and held him one too many times. Out of my mouth came "this one is mine".  He is a happy go lucky little guy. My protector and a  baby all in one package. He is a love bug.  

Nickie came to live with us because after Bandits death- the loss of one yorkie was making an empty spot in the house, and in my heart. It just was not right....

the house was not complete. Nickie has big, tiny paws to fill- he is taking Bandits spot on my lap. 

He cannot replace Bandit- no dog ever will- but he loves me and likes to sit in the same spots, kisses me like she did- , likes to snuggle, just like she did... I think Bandit sent him to help me heal. He has not taken Bandit's place, but he is working at it.   

Introducing Summer! Our Newest Model.