This is where you will find many wonderful custom handmade Yorkie dresses, boys doggie formal wear, and other small dog breed clothing.

My  favorite  projects  are  special  requests  of  my  clients -  such as the Southern Belle dress, Bavarian dress, and Wedding Party designs. They are not duplicates of any existing designs.

If you have a special request - I would love to

"Bring your Fantasy to Life" 
just e-mail me!

You can contact us at or by cell phone. Verizon Cell Number 989-284-2607. WE CAN NOW TEXT

All of the items designed for the Yorkie Fantasy clothing line have been thought of, created and brought to life solely through the imagination, creativity and hard work of the creator of the clothing line. The Yorkie Fantasy clothing line designs are NOT to be duplicated, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of the creator.

Safety: I do not recommend leaving animals unattended with ANY articles of clothing or hats on. There is always a chance that they can get caught on something and be unable to get free. If you do leave an item that I made for your dog on while unattended, please know that you will be doing this at your risk own.

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